Facchino Photography has been capturing events since 1998! From 5K to 100 mile endurance runs, nordic, mountain biking, and triathlons. While not striving to be the largest company, but strive to be one of the best!

Why pick Facchino Photography to capture your event?

  • Participants professionally photographed in 1-4 locations depending on the size and distance of the event. Pre-race portraits and vendors images are also captured.
  • Manual bib tagging. While this takes a little longer, it is far more accurate than any auto tagging system. Unknown participants are tagged by gender and location with unique codes. View how the coding works here.
  • AlienBees flash units used at many event finish lines for awesome bright and crisp images.
  • Participants emailed a unique URL to their personal gallery.
  • Course scouted for best locations with race logistics taken into consideration. For ultra marathons, hiking 1-6 miles isn't unusual to get to the right location.
  • A vast array of products are offered at competitive pricing. Prints from wallet to poster. Specialty items like metal art, collage, canvas, and much more. Digital files in Low and High Resolutions either in single or bundle options. Custom digital packages allowing images from multiple participants in one package! These are popular packages for family orientated events.
  • Event Branding - Free Downloading


Event Branding: What is it and how does it benefit the event?

The event photography industry has been heading in the direction of offering free downloadable race images to participants since about 2014. In 2008 Facchino Photography tried getting a few events to do this long before any other company. With the economy tanking raising the registration fee wasn't an option. Other event photography companies got corporate sponsors to pay, but for smaller events, this isn't an option. Participant paid(small fee) downloadable images are the only way to go. 

Branding the images with a race logo, or race and sponsor logos on downloadable images, is a way of getting the word out of the event and sponsor long after the event is over. Images downloaded by the participants are uploaded to social media and shared with family and friends. People are tagged and the image(s) are spread over multiple profiles. Some events choose not to place any logos on the images giving their participants a clean logo free image(s).

Another benefit of branding and offering free downloads, regardless if a sponsor is involved or not, is the participants can download images at no extra cost other than the cost of registering for the event. Participants are happy and happy participants means happy race directors....right?

If your event is participating in the download program, use that to the events advantage and market the event with "Your race images are included with registration!"

Here are 3 events participating in the download program.

For more information on Event Branding and the download program, or to talk with Facchino Photography about capturing your next event, please contact Keith.